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Places You Must see in Mersing

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Mersing is small town located on the east coast of the peninsular Malaysian state of Johor. The place is quite famous for rich culture and natural beauty. But for most outsiders, the small semi-tourist town is en route stoppage to Tioman Island, and therefore Mersing is best known for passenger boat jetty where boats depart daily for many offshore islands. Bus is the most common transport mode to reach Mersing. Almost all bus operators of this route are partnered with Easybook.com, and hence, you can book your tickets for mersing here in an advance online.

The small town can be navigated easily by foot during the summer period. However, it is advisable to travel by motor vehicles to explore beaches outside of the town.

Places You must see

Mersing river and the traditional Malaysian fishing boats can be seen from the bus terminal complex down river. A Hindu temple is located at the base of the hill near to the central roundabout. Mersing Mosque is located on a hill top 15 mins walk from the center of town. It has excellent views of the town. Mersing esplanade and Marine Park is situated at the walking distance from then town and nearing from Mersing Jetty. The Beaches are in the Penyabung area and at Air Papan, which are all relatively isolated and visitors are advised to exercise care and caution. (Bus information can be found here =>http://www.easybook.com/easibookNew/articles/bus-to-mersing)

Activities You must do:

Go for a walk through the town and savor traditional Malay “kueh” or confectioneries during the traditional teatime. You can enjoy a picnic on a nearby beach. You can buy fishes and other seafood from next to the Bus terminal. Additionally, there are an increasing number of shops, restaurants and hotels offer free wifi to the customers. You can visit Mersing year round. But it can be wet and windy in December and January. Beaches are best between March to October.

Places to Eat:

Vegetarian tourists must visit Vegetarian cage, located in Jalan Jemaluang, and Vegetarian Hawker Stall, which is located the same place. None-vegetarian travelers have comparatively more options. You can go to Restoran P1, The Port, Warung Ikan Bakar, Mersing seafood, and Loke Tien Yuen and more. You will find here local cuisines such as homemade pizza, pasta, sirloin steak, schnitzel, salmon steak, Chinese seafood, barbequed fish and more. Apart from delicious local cuisine, you must try local drink- The port here in Mersing.

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Popular Tourist Attractions In Ipoh

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Ipoh is a beautiful and vibrant city of Malaysia. Once the city was the center of the World’s tin industry, but now it has become a prominent tourist destination. It is situated in middle of the Kinta valley and its climate remains moderate throughout the year. As Limestone Mountains and caves surround the city, you will witness some exquisite cave temples here.

Following are some popular tourist attractions in Ipoh city:

Kellie Castle

Kellie Castle is the most sought after tourist destination, located forty kilometer south of the city along with Jalan Gopeng. An English rubber planter, William Kellie Smith in 1915, commissioned this beautiful mansion but as the rubber planter left for England in middle of construction and died in 1926, the mansion is still incomplete. You would enjoy ancient architecture, and surrounding here, additionally, it is believed that Kellie Castle has hidden rooms and a secret tunnels.


Gua Tempurung

If you want to go on an adventure trip, visit Gua Tempurung. It is one of the largest limestone caves in Peninsular Malaysia. Located just 24 km toward south Ipoh, it is about two kilometers in length, and made of five gigantic domes, and has well-lit formations of stalactites and stalagmite. You can approach any travel guide to arrange a river or non-river adventure tour for you.


Kuala Sepetang

It takes about 60 minutes drive to reach Kuala Sepetang from the north-west of Ipoh city. The place is popular as Fishing Village, and looks beautiful at night due to the dense colonies of fireflies. Apart from enjoying mesmerizing view at night, you can also enjoy bird watch, dolphins, mangrove forest, and can also visit charcoal factories.

Buddha Statues

Eye-feasting Buddha Statues are set in the caves of Gunung Tasek, which was built in 1926 by a Buddhist monk of China. The cave accommodates 40 Buddha statues, and at the centre, a 12.8 meter statue of Buddha is places, which is the key attraction of this place. Beyond the main altar, you will find a passage that will lead you towards interior.


Lost World

Apart from magnificent historic and adventurous places, Ipoh also has wonderful water theme park in Tambun to give you some fun time. The water park features a wave pool, natural hot spring, tube slides, and also has a petting zoo. It is an ideal place for family outing.

These are just a few tourist attractions of Ipoh. You can reach Ipoh via train, bus, car and air. Book your tickets on Easybook.com and plan your trip to Ipoh now.


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