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Tourist Attractions in Singapore – Popular Places to Visit in Singapore

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If you’re planning for a holiday, don’t forget Singapore. Singapore is one of the South East Asia states, boarding another incredible country, Malaysia. Singapore has a populace of 4 million. Singapore is among nations that have great influence of British culture. With this in mind, be very sure that you are guaranteed more than just Singaporean culture. I guess you might be asking how. Well, Singapore architectural is more or less foreign. The buildings are modern and unique. As a matter of fact, several buildings in Singapore have embraced the English design, making them more English than Singaporean. However, this doesn’t mean that Singapore has not adopted its design. In fact, lots of buildings in Singapore have adopted a mix of design. Besides the exceptions building designs, Singapore has other exceptional things to watch, for example, fresh air terminal in the entire world. Well, I emphatically advise you to visit Singapore for your forthcoming vacation.


Singapore tourist industry has been doing so well since time in memorial. Each year, Singapore has managed to attract millions of tourist across the globe. Why does this happen to Singapore alone? There are numerous famous spots to visit in Singapore and a lot of travelers like what Singapore nature offer. In this piece of information, let me enlighten you about some well-known vacation spots here.

The Night Safari: Singapore has in incredible Night Safari, which is close to the Singapore Zoo. Surprisingly, this is the first as well as only night safari ever to stand on the Southeast Asian Soil as well as the planet. It gives the tourist an opportunity take a glimpse at some nighttime creatures during the evening, in their typical settings. When you make a trip to the visit Night Safari, it feels like you’re in a wilderness. Singapore Zoo has more than hundred types of creatures for you to visit. If you’re planning to tour Night Safari, ensure that you are there early enough to observe the opening hours. It opens every day from 1930hour until midnight.


Sentosa Island: If you’re a shoreline as well as sun lover, you can’t let the incredible atmosphere of Sentosa pass you. It is on the seaward island of Singapore, and it is one of the preferred vacation spots. Singapore hosts one of the greatest malls built in – Vivo City. You can shop at Vivo City and then take a link auto to visit Sentosa. At Sentosa, you will come across loads of celebrated resorts as well as inns that offer exceptional accommodation at a cheaper price. There are tons of activities you can take part at Sentosa, for example, swimming, sun tanning, shoreline volleyballs, touring, feasting, and so on. It opens day by day.

Jurong Bird Park: lots of travelers love Jurong Bird Park for its exciting untamed life settings. You can locate thousands of bird spices in this park. If you might wish to tour Jurong Bird Park, you have to keep time: 0800hours – 1800hours. If you are planning for a tour, please don’t overlook Singapore.

Top Most appreciated Tourist Attractions in Singapore

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Singapore is a playing ground for the wealthy. It’s true that this little state under the sun has a great sheen of riches. However, Singapore brings forth more than top notch as well as sophisticated shopping centers, extravagance inns, and fine eating. Singapore also has a very rich culture as well as cultural festivals, alongside that it has family-friendly attractions and stunning sites that make visiting Singapore an exceptional place.

Singapore has an astounding transportation system that makes accessing Singapore exceptional sites very easy. Once you’ve got a feeling of the metro map, you’ll have no issue moving from one city to the next. Besides cherishing their national language, Singapore also embraces English due to the incredible number of tourist visiting the country. Indeed, Singapore is one of the most effortless and most agreeable nations to explore in Southeast Asia. What’s more, presently you’re not contrasting costs with close-by Thailand or Vietnam; you’re in for a dazzling sit tight.

Marina Bay Sands

The rich Marina Bay Sands resort complex incorporates a Hotel, exceptional luxury brands, a shopping center with a waterway, the ArtScience recreation center, and Marina Bay Sands Skypark. What’s more, it has a vintage spot that leads into the whole city. The Sky Parks review the deck, as well as boundlessness pool, is accessible on the boat that tops the lodging. Only the booked visitors are permitted to use the endlessness pool; however, anybody can visit the observation deck. From the top roofs, you will be able to observe the innovative twofold helix connect, the port, The Gardens at the Bay plus the great horizon. While at the echelon, visitors can get a nibble or an espresso at the rooftop eatery or get a few tokens from the gift stand. What’s more, you can take a photograph of yourself while stand on the rooftops of this huge lodging at any time; however, you need to note that it will cost you 50 Singapore dollars. It is better to request your fellow traveler to take a picture of you. The extravagance and class of the Marina Bay Sands epitomize Singapore’s taste and help assign a noteworthy global city in Southeast Asia.


Singapore Flyer

In case the observation deck at the Marina Bay Sands doesn’t work out for you, attempt taking tea while watching over the town from the Singapore Flyer, the world’s biggest Titan observation wheel. Look for a few changed that permits you to observe as well as appreciate Singapore horizon, as well as the Islands of Indonesia plus the Straits of Johor in Malaysia. There are several kinds of ticket bundles to look over, and each incorporates access to the mixed media Journey of Dreams display that dives into Singapore’s history and the production of the Singapore Flyer. Flights most recent 30 minutes each and keep running ahead of schedule morning till late in at night. So that you can begin another clamoring day or when Singapore is aglow after dull. That said than done, it is time for you to book a flight to Singapore and enjoy your holiday.

The most preferred sites Southeast Asia -Singapore

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Begun on Jan 1971, Jurong Bird Park has interesting as well as an inspiring mixture of birds. However, 600 species of these birds are from other parts of this planet.

Other than getting a glimpse of the reviving recreation center from out, tourist will be amused by the activities found here. The ever well-known bird shows are a decent way to begin the outing. You’ll get entertained by the ‘Bird Show’ as well as the bird Prey Show where a mixed bag of fowls ranging from the aeronautical to the flightless enlivens you with their astounding single acts. What’s more, you’ll be interested in the imitating cockatoos, pelicans as well as flamingos. .

Have you ever pondered where you can get the biggest gathering of birds in Southeast Asian? Well, Southeast Asian offers you just that, you will be shocked to see more than 200 species of birds. The huge zone has a focal stroll in the aviary as well as fringe aviaries that house fragile birds.

The Waterfall Aviary harbors more than 1,500 flying creatures from more than 60 unique species. Tourist can ride on the Panorail, the glob’s only monorail that goes through an aviary. Additional, you will be astounded with the grand view of the world’s most noteworthy synthetic waterfall, with a tallness of 30 meters.

When you are at the Pelican Cove, you will be able to see the seven types of pelicans, including the imperiled Dalmatian Pelican. Moreover, you can take a walk around the boardwalk while watching these winged creatures. At the world’s first submerged review display for pelicans, you can watch them skim and float over the dim waters to eat angles at encouraging time.

The most preferred sites Southeast Asia -Singapore

There are also other fascinating features that you wouldn’t wish to go without seeing them, for example, the Penguin Parades, World of Darkness as well as Lunch with the Birds. Every single feature found in the bird sanctuary that will keep you involved until the end of the outing.

Asian Civilization Museum

The Asian Civilization recreation is a type three historical centers of the National Museums of Singapore. It is the most settled gallery centers that enormous entail artifact of Asia’s society’s culture as well as developments. It is without a doubt that this site is a must- go for a student studying history, or even for individuals who love to know the history of Singapore. Civilization museum entails history of Singapore from the beginnings up to date.

The historic center was initially located at the Old Tao Nan School Building. However, with the reclamation of the Empress Place Building, the historical center set up its new exhibition hall in 2003. After which the branch at the Old Tao Nan School building was shut down for redesigning to make it match to the Peranakan History.

Here, Tourist will be able to appreciate an intelligent learning knowledge on their fluctuating projects of extraordinary shows as the year progressed. Well, I guess you have had a chance to read about this incredible place. It is time to take a trip to Singapore and see what I mean.

Overwhelming feeling of Joy in Kuala Lumpur

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As we all know, Kuala Lumpur is imbibed with rich cultural heritage & traditions. Fondly known as KL, it exhibit Malaysia’s apodictic economic development along with wide variety of tourist attractions. It is the capital of the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur with high density of indigenous people inhabiting for work purposes. Kuala Lumpur seems to be the crown jewel of Malaysia as it generates revenue which supports Malaysia as a whole nation economically.

It also hosts the Parliament of Malaysia along with other crucial government departments. For tourists, it seems to be the most attractive place as over these years, Kuala Lumpur has punctually attained its place as one of the top tourist destination throughout the world.

Kuala Lumpur Skyscrapers Night View
(Kuala Lumpur Skyscrapers Night View.)

There are numerous reasons about Kuala Lumpur being one of the top tourist destination, as one can never tour the city in one single day since there are so many countless tourist attraction that one has to commit himself/herself to visit Kuala Lumpur during each vacation holidays. The city comprises of numerous skyscrapers which enlightens it as one of the modern cities of the world. The architectural designs of the building are among the top crowd puller where tourists from around throng along the buildings & take pictures of themselves with the skyscrapers in their background.

Kuala Lumpur Adventure Sports
(Kuala Lumpur Adventure Sports)

The kids seem to view the city in a different prospective; Kuala Lumpur for them is nothing less than a gold mine. They tend to enjoy their vacations with sizzling water theme parks & numerous other adventure sports which they have never tried or played throughout their lifetime. Some of the thrilling adventurous sports games are balancing on the tree logs high in the air & flying fox zip-lines over 2 lakes. These adventures sports definitely fill the kids with reasons to visit Kuala Lumpur yet again. The favorite attractions in Kuala Lumpur cannot be explained in mere words, one has to visit Kuala Lumpur in order to experience its overwhelming joy & happiness.

What You Must See in Kluang, Malaysia?

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Kluang is the main tourist destination of Johor. This is the only region in Malaysia that don’t have an ocean level, and encompassed by all different regions, for example, Johor Bahru, Mersing, Pontian, Segamat, Batu Pahat, and Kota Tinggi. Kluang has various spots to visit, eat and purchase, and keeping in mind the end goal to bail you get the most extreme out of your visit to Kluang, we are offering some amazing spots you can visit:

Gunung Lambak– 

One of the most famous mountain in Kluang, you can without much of a stretch move to the top in 2 hrs.

Zenxin Organic Park

This is a natural farming park with vegetable and monster organic product ranch along the street to Air Hitam. You can appreciate various types of amusement exercises, for example, strolling and bike visits, instructive visits, a recreation center bistro, a homestead shop, a meeting room, a blossom nursery, a capacity corridor and a survey stage. The sustenance served is halal & affirmation is free.

Gunung Belumut: 

This is the pleasant spot for waterfalls and picnics.

Kahang Low Rise Tea Plantation

This is one of the non-sloping tea manors.

Kluang Railway Station

This route station is in administration since 1915. The route goes through Kluang town, fundamentally cutting it into two parts. Nearby inhabitants once said that when the train approaches Kluang Railway station, the whole town stands still, as the principle street into town briefly closes for the train to pass. The station itself withstood the test of time and ought to be of enthusiasm for the individuals who have energy for nostalgic photos.

Masjid Jamek Kluang: 

This is an old mosque and exceptionally prevalent among neighborhood Muslims for requests to God as it can oblige up to 1,000 individuals at any one time.

St. Louis Church

This congregation was manufactured in 1964 with its own particular novel structural engineering.

Little India

This place is lined with shops offering different stock coddling the needs and needs of the Indian group, particularly sarees, herbs and flavors, furthermore family things. There are additionally a few Indian restaurants offering different Indian cooking styles and neighborhood nourishment and also the nearby –favorite “Teh Tarik”.

Old buildings at Jl Lambak

This visitor destination is Next to Jalan Ismail is Jalan Lambak. These days, it is loaded with innovative organizations like Medan Johbase, however there is still a column of 8 structures with imprints showing they were fabricated 70 years back. The shops’ lion veil heads are masterminded to face distinctive headings that seem to symbolize particular convictions of their holder

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Places You Must see in Mersing

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Mersing is small town located on the east coast of the peninsular Malaysian state of Johor. The place is quite famous for rich culture and natural beauty. But for most outsiders, the small semi-tourist town is en route stoppage to Tioman Island, and therefore Mersing is best known for passenger boat jetty where boats depart daily for many offshore islands. Bus is the most common transport mode to reach Mersing. Almost all bus operators of this route are partnered with Easybook.com, and hence, you can book your tickets for mersing here in an advance online.

The small town can be navigated easily by foot during the summer period. However, it is advisable to travel by motor vehicles to explore beaches outside of the town.

Places You must see

Mersing river and the traditional Malaysian fishing boats can be seen from the bus terminal complex down river. A Hindu temple is located at the base of the hill near to the central roundabout. Mersing Mosque is located on a hill top 15 mins walk from the center of town. It has excellent views of the town. Mersing esplanade and Marine Park is situated at the walking distance from then town and nearing from Mersing Jetty. The Beaches are in the Penyabung area and at Air Papan, which are all relatively isolated and visitors are advised to exercise care and caution.

 (Bus information can be found here =>http://www.easybook.com/easibookNew/articles/bus-to-mersing)

Activities You must do:

Go for a walk through the town and savor traditional Malay “kueh” or confectioneries during the traditional teatime. You can enjoy a picnic on a nearby beach. You can buy fishes and other seafood from Mersing morning market next to the Bus terminal. Additionally, there are an increasing number of shops, restaurants and hotels offer free wifi to the customers. You can visit Mersing year round. But it can be wet and windy in December and January. Beaches are best between March to October.

Places to Eat:

Vegetarian tourists must visit Vegetarian cage, located in Jalan Jemaluang, and Vegetarian Hawker Stall, which is located the same place. None-vegetarian travelers have comparatively more options. You can go to Restoran P1, The Port, Warung Ikan Bakar, Mersing seafood, and Loke Tien Yuen and more. You will find here local cuisines such as homemade pizza, pasta, sirloin steak, schnitzel, salmon steak, Chinese seafood, barbequed fish and more. Apart from delicious local cuisine, you must try local drink- The port here in Mersing.

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Popular Tourist Attractions In Ipoh

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Ipoh is a beautiful and vibrant city of Malaysia. Once the city was the center of the World’s tin industry, but now it has become a prominent tourist destination. It is situated in middle of the Kinta valley and its climate remains moderate throughout the year. As Limestone Mountains and caves surround the city, you will witness some exquisite cave temples here.

Following are some popular tourist attractions in Ipoh city:

Kellie Castle

Kellie Castle is the most sought after tourist destination, located forty kilometer south of the city along with Jalan Gopeng. An English rubber planter, William Kellie Smith in 1915, commissioned this beautiful mansion but as the rubber planter left for England in middle of construction and died in 1926, the mansion is still incomplete. You would enjoy ancient architecture, and surrounding here, additionally, it is believed that Kellie Castle has hidden rooms and a secret tunnels.


Gua Tempurung

If you want to go on an adventure trip, visit Gua Tempurung. It is one of the largest limestone caves in Peninsular Malaysia. Located just 24 km toward south Ipoh, it is about two kilometers in length, and made of five gigantic domes, and has well-lit formations of stalactites and staglagmites. You can approach any travel guide to arrange a river or non-river adventure tour for you.


Kuala Sepetang

It takes about 60 minutes drive to reach Kuala Sepetang from the north-west of Ipoh city. The place is popular as Fishing Village, and looks beautiful at night due to the dense colonies of fireflies. Apart from enjoying mesmerizing view at night, you can also enjoy bird watch, dolphins, mangrove forest, and can also visit charcoal factories.

Buddha Statues

Eye-feasting Buddha Statues are set in the caves of Gunung Tasek, which was built in 1926 by a Buddhist monk of China. The cave accommodates 40 Buddha statues, and at the centre, a 12.8 meter statue of Buddha is places, which is the key attraction of this place. Beyond the main altar, you will find a passage that will lead you towards interior.


Lost World

Apart from magnificent historic and adventurous places, Ipoh also has wonderful water theme park in Tambun to give you some fun time. The water park features a wave pool, natural hot spring, tube slides, and also has a petting zoo. It is an ideal place for family outing.

These are just a few tourist attractions of Ipoh. You can reach Ipoh via train, bus, car and air. Book your tickets on Easybook.com and plan your trip to Ipoh now.


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